Saturday, June 16, 2018

WiaW: Day 6

My final day of "Wardrobe in a Week"!

What I did today:

artistically repaired several small holes in a T-shirt

sewed a T-shirt from new fabric

overdyed a skirt that I sewed this week with brown dye; some of the previously printed portions took up the dye less than the rest, leaving it with a subtle pattern that I like

experimented with dabbing acrylic paint onto my solid black swimsuit; happy with the colors I chose, but not happy with the final result--but likely I can improve it with one more dabbed-on layer of the first color, just mixed with white to make it stand out a bit more

Next steps:


Put away the piles of fabric that are taking up half of the school room,

Get the house vacuumed,

And get on with my life.

Friday, June 15, 2018

WiaW: Day 5

Tomorrow will be my last working day of my "Wardrobe in a Week".  Today I:

put my homemade interfacing (painted fabric) into a collar--by basting it onto the top edge, and covering it with another layer of the shirt fabric (left over from when I made the shirt last year); the interfacing seems to have about the right amount of stiffness, and the collar looks much better

ironed (!) two skirts that are cut on the bias, which have a problem with the hem rolling up about three times over, making the skirts a bit too short; this needs a more permanent solution

made another working-around-home skirt from start to finish, after realizing that the one I started before (of coarse woven polyester) will be much too heavy and hot for summer wear; this one from cotton from a handed-down duvet cover

sewed up a small hole in a T-shirt

made a minor alteration to a homemade nursing bra

did an experiment with joining the legs of homemade tights (which had holes in the heels) to the feet of socks that I really didn't like that much as socks

I also had some accomplishments in deciding what not to do as I finish up this week:

not sewing the polyester skirt, as already mentioned

not sewing two blouses that I had planned on making; they can wait until fall

not sewing a full set of new underwear, only repairing what I already have

Thursday, June 14, 2018

WiaW: Day 4

Today I:

did an experiment in making homemade interfacing by giving muslin a thin coat of acrylic paint

fixed a button that was about to fall off, including darning the fabric it was attached to

reclaimed the elastic from two old skirts, and...

...finished the "good" skirt:  waistband, pocket, and hem

cut fabric for a T-shirt

shortened two older T-shirts

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

WiaW: Day 3

More "Wardrobe in a Week" progress:

cut out fabric for two skirts--one for "good" and one for working around the house-- and sewed all the vertical seams; the one for working I made big (on purpose), and will have to take in some at the waist

finished the felt hat, including blanket stitching all the way around the brim (by hand); it looks goofy and a bit too floppy, but workable for being out in the yard

drew up a pajama pants pattern, and cut out and sewed up a pair; when in doubt, make them BIG

adjusted sewing plans, based on available fabric, to have one of the shirts that I am going to make be a T-shirt

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

WiaW: Day 2

Sewing was rather light today, as I was busy for much of the day dealing with laundry and yard work and such, but I did get several things done:

made over a much-too-large T-shirt, so that it fits; also replaced its designer logo with a reverse applique flower, in an Alabama Chanin sort of style, but with crochet cotton instead of buttonhole thread

adjusted the straps on my swimsuit; this turned out to only require untying the knots I had made in them before

shortened a tank top to be only a tank bra, which is replacing a nursing bra that was very worn out

shortened the sleeves on a long-sleeved T-shirt to make them three-quarter sleeves (which I find more practical for frequent handwashing)

sketched patterns for a long A-line skirt and for a baseball cap

cut out and started hand-sewing a felt hat (just out of synthetic craft felt) to wear while doing yard work, until I make a baseball cap to replace the one that fell apart in the wash last week

Monday, June 11, 2018

WiaW: Day 1

My first day of actual sewing, for my "Wardrobe in a Week" effort. Today I focused on getting a number of small repairs and alterations done, which moved seven items of clothing out of my to-do pile and back into my closet:

2 bras repaired; mended a rip and replaced a missing hook and (with needlenose pliers) bent one of the other hooks back to something like its original shape

replaced a button on a pajama top

did a line of simple embroidery around the neckline of a (previously homemade) T-shirt

repaired some embroidery on the neckline of a different (also homemade) T-shirt

made over a skirt to be shorter and narrower, to serve as an underskirt for my two wrap skirts

took out a goofy-looking side seam on another skirt, and sewed it back up

I also got a few other things done:

soaked an older T-shirt in Oxyclean (I am not an affiliate of anything) to see if it did, a little

washed and dried the quilting fabric I bought, to preshrink it before sewing

drew up a quick pattern for a camisole, and cut the fabric; started sewing, but doubt that it is going to go well with this particular fabric (very thin)

again looked over several of the remaining items of clothing to be dealt with, and decided what to do with them

WiaW: Final preparations

I did not get done all of the things that I wanted to, but I got enough done...I think.

I made a trip to the fabric store, and after much deliberation spent my $25 budget on enough quilting cotton to make a skirt, plus elastic for making underwear, and dye. (I have plenty of fabric at home, just in the wrong weaves, fibers, and of those attributes I can change, although I consider dyes to be too toxic for me to use more than occasionally.)

The cheaper fabrics for sale at the store make more sense if you realize that their true purpose is not to be sewn up and enjoyed, but to drive you to pay more to buy the fabrics that are tastefully designed and useful.

I also spent some time digging through my baskets of fabric just looking, and in making decisions about what I am going to sew this week--including making some more rectangle color sketches to see how various tops and skirts work together.