Portfolio 1

Listed as Project title (materials and supplies cost)

Knitted towel (under $2):

Mixed yarn mittens (under $2):

Elf house (under $1):

Braided rug (under $3):

Footstool (under $3):

Kids' coat hooks (under $1):

Wool leaf patch on quilt (under $1):

Batik baseball cap (under $1):

Fish baby sun hat (under $1):

Vintage tablecloth laundry bag (under $13):

Window quilt (under $3):

Bandanna fabric bass guitar pick guard (under $1):

Bandanna pick guard detail:

Cape from a long coat (under $4):

Copper clasp of cape (under $1):

Blue permanent marker on white vase (under $2):

Windfern design (free):

Handmade notebooks (under $3 each, on average):

First book (paperback $14.99, ebook $2.99, PDF $1.49):