Friday, October 30, 2015

Take two

I've been trying to submit a claim with the health insurance company.  This is how it has been going:

Online claim submission? No.

Printable claim form on their website? No.

Claim address on their website? No.

Search box on their website? No.

Certificate of Coverage online? Yes, but only because they have to. Download enormous PDF, because for some reason PDFs from their site (and only their site) won't open in the browser.

From CoC, about 70 pages in, obtain claim address.

Mail in claim information.

Wait five weeks.

Check claim status online; only available as PDF. Claim does not appear.

Re-read CoC. That address was the notice of claim address. Claims should go to the customer service address, given early in the CoC.

Wrestle with printer that doesn't feed paper well to print claim documents again.


In projects, I've been working on the rest of my rummage sale clothes. A sweater and a sweatshirt now fit me, no alterations needed. The last item was an enormous wool sweater, size XL and intentionally made oversize. I was going to cut it down to my size and re-sew it, but my husband suggested shrinking it. Since it was so large, I just washed it in hot water. (There are more cautious ways of shrinking wool, involving sprinkling.) Then I dried it on Hot. It came out of those about one size smaller. So I did another hot wash and dry, and it shrunk one more size. After a third time through, it is now my size, and dense and warm...the perfect sweater to wear to shovel snow. It fits well, except rather large where the arms join the body, which I am not planning to change in the near future.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Found my way back

I've been doing a lot of reading.

Also, I've completed a couple of projects. One was a corduroy jacket that I found at the thrift store ($4). When I got home, I noticed there was a stain on the back. I should have checked before I bought it, but I would have bought this one anyway. Stain removal is not one of my talents, but it came out with some soaking in Oxiclean, After that, I shortened the sleeves, and now I like the jacket a lot.

I then took the corduroy jacket that I've had forever, which is baggy and shapeless and not the greatest color for me, and tried bleaching it. I was hoping the color would fade a bit, but instead it brightened as the bleach took out some of the darker tones. I am thinking of reworking it into something that fits better.

Finally, I took one of my rummage sale sweaters from last spring and shortened the sleeves. I may alter it some in the body later; for now it is only a little too big.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Just about right

I squeezed out enough time to put a quick third and more toned-down coat of paint on the coffee table base, and it is much, much, much better. Now it looks like it belongs.