Monday, December 29, 2014

Projects in the pipeline

Projects started:

Wool throw knitted from scrap yarn.  This is a long-term project that is barely begun.  I am knitting leftover wool yarn into blocks of varying sizes and patterns, which will be joined in a crazy quilt fashion.

Mobius head scarf.  This is a project from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around.  I am using thrift store yarn that is part mohair, with what seems to be a polyester core.  I am trying out a new lace pattern, which isn't going well so far because my stitch count seems to be off.  The fuzziness of the mohair is not enough to cover this knitting sin; I may have to unravel and start over.

Projects about to begin:

Overdyeing clothing with tea.  White doesn't go well with my complexion, but some of the fabric patterns in my clothing have white in them.  I have a box of cheap black tea, which I am going to use to stain these items into less unflattering tones.

Moving.  We will be moving in a couple of months, under more-challenging-than-usual circumstances.

Projects contemplated:

Sewing kid-size quilts for my two youngest children.  The older children each have a quilt with a pieced corduroy top (with their initial appliqued to a block) and a flannel back.  The quilts are soft and warm, and are great for curling up under in odd places.

Replacing a quilt top.  On vacation, I bought a homemade quilt from the thrift store for $10.  The top is made of old men's suits.  Probably some of these are wool, but some are definitely polyester, and are annoyingly scratchy.  Also there is a rip in the top and the batting that needs to be repaired.

Wall art.  I have a small yard sale photo frame, and a larger free-by-the-curbside used canvas (unframed; I have already painted over it in black).  I have an idea for a small piece of art that I can create for the smaller frame, and am not sure what to do with the canvas.  It is important to me to make artwork that is personally meaningful, not just something that looks trendy hanging on the wall.

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