Thursday, August 27, 2015

Evaluation and adjustment

The wool (cashmere!) diaper covers are working well, even at night-time. Most of them have shrunk further with washing, but they all still fit.

Previously. I kept my sewing machine in the dining room, so I could sew at the table while keeping an eye on everything. Now, about the only times I can sew are when I happen to wake up especially early, or during my designated Introvert Time, so it makes more sense to put the machine in my room in the basement, which is far from the bedrooms. I can leave everything set up in there so it is ready to go. I have some low-priority sewing projects that I am kicking myself for not chugging through before the baby was born.

The neighbors gave us a coffee table left over from their yard sale. I did a (relatively) quick refinishing of the top with Danish oil left over from the armchair's not perfect, but it's much better. I am thinking of painting the lower part with some old paint samples, mixed together, which would reduce the visual weight of the wood finish, and harmonize its reddish color with the rest of the living room.

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