Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Afoot again

I've been fighting a cold for the past week, and I'm thankful that I've arranged my chore schedule to put laundry early in the week--right after Sunday rest, and before whatever germs we pick up at church make me sick. The old-fashioned routine was "Wash on Monday", for similar reasons. Now that I am feeling better, I am making an effort to put some time into simple, unstructured puttering.

As for projects, I mended a couple of our favorite sweaters:  a child's sweater by a combination of re-knitting and darning (yet again; the sweater is on the verge of complete disintegration), and my favorite lamb's wool sweater, by machine-sewing patches from retired sweaters over the holes in the elbows. A favorite sweater is well worth all the effort that mending takes. For the child's sweater, I didn't have knitting needles that were small enough, so I used two large metal yarn (sewing) needles instead.

We have been saving for some time for a grain mill, and recently bought one. (I may review it later on.) It has been fun to use, and freshly-ground flour just seems so alive, compared to regular flour. The saving part went quickly, once we actually defined a goal and established a place to set aside the money in.

I finished knitting the towel that I started, because I ran out of yarn. It works well, but is definitely too small, so I am going to make it larger when I find some compatible yarn. I knitted a loop on one corner, for hanging it up, because our other towels are always falling off their pegs. I should probably sew some loops on those.

At the moment, I am playing with some green yarn. It is very soft, and a bit on the thin side. It would be very nice for a baby hat.

Tax season is coming up, I need to get to the library to see what forms they are still stocking these days. Then comes the annual Sorting of the Files and Gathering of the Numbers.

This is my position on current politics:  I AM TIRED OF BEING LIED TO.

Update: a picture of the towel:

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