Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Knitting weather

About all I want to do right now is knit my way through all my yarn stash. I finished the pair of socks, and used the leftover yarn to knit a little bag in a fancy stitch.

I inventoried the children's winter clothing, so I know what we need to get for them.

We received a couple of things by inheritance:  a scroll saw and a box of spices. My husband built a workbench for the saw out of scrap lumber on hand, but we still need to bolt it down.

I made a batch of castile soap. Like my two previous attempts at soapmaking, it did not saponify well on the first try, but only after I melted it down again and did another round of stirring. I don't think it is worthwhile trying to recreate cheap soap at home, but this five-pound batch cost me less than half the price of the store-bought version; I was able to buy the olive oil on sale. I was smart and wore boots for the soapmaking; a drop of lye fell on the toe of one boot and burned it. I also had the advantage of using my husband's digital postal scale, for accurate measurements.

I bought the remaining upholstery supplies for my chair, but I am enjoying being in the phase of the project that is right before the hard part, so I am stalling on moving on to the next step.

A neighbor was thinning out their hostas, and gave us a bin full. They nicely filled in one of our empty places, with room to grow. Another neighbor gave us a bicycle that their child had outgrown.

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