Friday, May 15, 2015

More small changes

I rewired the lamp for the school room with no great difficulty and painted it; the final step is getting the right size bulb. I did a thin wash of beige paint over the color so it would harmonize with the wall color (accept and transcend), but the lamp still stands out a bit too much.

Taking advice from Lady Lydia, I did some no-spend decorating: organizing and arranging things nicely in the bathroom.

My husband brought home a couple of table runners from God knows where.  One was sheer with an autumn leaf pattern (it may actually be a dresser scarf), and it is just perfect for hanging across the top of the bathroom window. (I used nails and paper clips.) It ties together the colors of the wall, the piece of birch bark I hung up, and the towels. The other runner goes well with the armchair cushion, so I have it draped over the back of the chair at the moment. But I think I will end up using it to cover the top of a footstool that I am planning to build.

From the lumber motherlode, I built a small kid loft, about 3 feet in each dimension. I've been thinking about it for a while, but had to wait for the energy to carry it out. It was accepted with enthusiasm.

One of our plants was sitting out in plain view in a very unsightly thin plastic dish. I threw away the dish and replaced it with a warped cooking pan from the "Go Away box", until I can find something better.

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