Monday, May 4, 2015

Not changing a light fixture

Remodeling and redecorating over the years have turned this house's original dining room into a dark, awkward, and inconsistent space in the center of the house.  Its most glaring inconsistency is that a nice ceiling medallion is paired with a standard ceiling fan with lights. (The house has air conditioning.) We use this space for eating only because it is closest to the kitchen and relatively easy to clean, with linoleum flooring.

I've been thinking of taking down the ceiling fan and (until the end of our lease) replacing it with a more appropriate fixture. I found that the nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore had one for $15 that would work, after repainting. But I decided against it:  it would require more effort than I want to invest into it at this stage in my life, particularly without having an able-bodied helper. Also, the medallion doesn't seem to be very well attached to the ceiling, and might better be left alone.

I did give the fan a dusting, and took down the glass fixtures to wash them (something that no one had done for a very long time). I also bought four matching light bulbs for it; previously there were two very different kinds. I learned while buying bulbs that some decorative bulbs are not designed for use in downward-pointing fixtures, and that the ones that are are more expensive. The cleaning and new bulbs made a noticeable improvement.

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