Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Easy go

A hailstorm came through and really clobbered the vegetable garden, so we are not going to get much more out of it. We had one-inch hail at the house, bouncing all over the place, but the garden got it even worse than that.

I have been sewing, and made two more pairs of kid pants from old clothing. I am also sewing a blouse from an old skirt, which I originally made from an old sheet. Instead of a pattern, I have notes and measurements that I took when I deconstructed a worn-out shirt. I also have the first copy that I made of the shirt to look at.

I put in some time on sock knitting, and am about to turn a heel. But I am very low on sleep, so I am thinking that I may wait another day for that. It's probably not the best day to sew buttonholes, either.

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