Monday, August 15, 2016

New clothes from old clothes

We did some sorting out of unwanted clothing. Some of it went into the donation box, and some to my fabric pile.

I try to sew up reclaimed fabric quickly, and I just about have it down to a four-phase process:  planning, cutting, sewing, and finishing work, which I work through as I find the time. Most of the fabric was jersey (knits), which sews up quickly with a zigzag stitch. Modern knit clothing is very simple in structure, and is not too hard to imitate, except perhaps in the finishing details.

Out of the small pile of old clothing, I made one child's skirt, two pairs of toddler pants, and a pair of knee-high leggings. I also had a number of scraps that I will use in place of paper towels (disposably).

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