Monday, March 16, 2015

Shopping list

This is where my startup decorating money went:

Thrift store:

$12 pair of curtains
$4 twin sheet that matched one we already have

Second thrift store:

$2 folding chair for guest seating
$2 stool for child
$1.50 two bowls to replace ones broken during move
$3 sheet that matched the previous sheet

ArtScraps store:

$4 upholstery scraps to make new chair cushion cover, and small things for children

Antique store:

$12 glass washboard for hand washing diaper covers (since the fancy-shmancy HE washer won't)

Fabric store:

$10.50 two yards of clearance fabric for living room curtain

Grocery store:

$10 food, we've been eating down the pantry for weeks

There is more that I would like to say about some of these things, particularly the curtains and fabric, because they are splurges relative to what I would normally spend on such things.  But we are still roughing it in terms of functioning Internet technology, not to mention the past day or two without hot water.

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