Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Many more things for the walls

After painting the mileage sign on a stake, I hit a creative dry spell in ideas for new wall art. But after a couple of days, ideas started to pop up again:

I had an old black frame, with some handwritten words in it, that was not working in the bedroom. I took it down, and replaced the words with the lyrics from a hymn that is (in my mind) our family hymn. I wiped down the frame with black acrylic paint to cover the bare spots, and found it a new place next to the front door, where it works much better.

I made another mileage sign from a stake, this time with the mileage to Grandma's house, and hung it up in the dining room under the other one.

My husband had a large print made of one of his photographs for $10 at Costco. It didn't work where I thought we were going to hang it, but we found another place in the family room for it.  (We hung it unframed with Command Strips.)

I had wide white cotton lace trim from the sheet that I am using to make a skirt. I hand stitched the whole length up into gathers, arranged it into a spiral, and put a hinged ring (office supply) through the top for hanging. I originally made it for the dining room, which is developing a color theme of red, white, and green, but the lace is very white and makes the beige walls look slimy. So I moved it to the bedroom, where the black frame had been, and it works well there--because of the curtains which accept the beige of the walls, but then transcend it into a palette that includes white.

Also in the bedroom, from the free lumber motherlode, there is a white door that I am using as a headboard.

Finally, my husband brought home some old graphic design magazines from work. These often have samples of very nice papers bound in as advertisements. I had the idea of making a garland of paper leaves from The Nester, but with much smaller leaves. I cut leaves, then some of the green twine to hot glue them to. I didn't have a gluing plan in mind, but when I had it all in front of me and started playing, the gluing worked itself out well enough. When it was done, I wound it around one of the curtain rods in the bedroom. I might make one for the other rod, and I am thinking of making something similar with a mix of beige and white paper samples, for the dining room, to see if I can "accept and transcend" my way into making white work on the walls.

The bedroom has reached the point where there is enough going on visually for me. I left one wall completely bare, for visual breathing room.

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