Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pursuing efficiency

Since moving in, I've been working to make our home work for us more efficiently, both in terms of energy and in terms of livability.

Some of the things I've done:

Redistributed the bulbs in the light fixtures so that rooms are not overlit at night, and washed the fixtures that needed it

Placed lamps so that we can minimize use of the overhead light fixtures, which makes the house feel more homely

Attempted to find a setting for the refrigerator where it won't freeze our food

Programmed the thermostat to keep the temperature two degrees cooler when my husband is at work, and when we are sleeping (or should be, ahem) and at church

Tinkered with the front door to make it close all the way; I was seeing a chink of daylight around it

Figured out which washer cycles I should use for washing diapers, which I do twice weekly

Attempted to figure out which dishwasher cycle options are most energy-efficient; it is an older model

Attempted to establish turning-off-lights habits in the family

Tightened screws in the stair handrail, and in two loose doorknobs

Checked the temperature setting on the water heater

Put the first aid kit and emergency supplies in an easily accessible place

Stored spare clothes in the bathroom for the child that is prone to potty accidents

Found a place to store my sewing machine near where I will be sitting to sew

Attempted to fix the doorknob for the coat closet, which turns very stiffly and gets stuck, but was unable to get at the sticky parts

Still to do:

Put the clothesline up, somewhere in the back yard

Get a lamp for the school room

Change the level of some of the shelves in the kitchen cabinets

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