Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cushion cover

I finally got around to sewing my upholstery scraps into a cover for the chair cushion. I had already cut off the unsewable parts of each piece, then I took the easy path of sorting the pieces by width, and sewing each pile into a strip. After joining the strips, I draped it over the cushion upside down and started fitting and pinning it to the cushion, one corner at a time, using a washable marker to mark where I needed to sew.  For upholstery fabric, I highly recommend machine sewing, because many of the fabrics unravel so easily. After fitting and sewing the corners, I wrapped the fabric (still inside out) around the bottom, and did a few more rounds of pinning and sewing, so that each side comes around to the bottom, while still allowing me to get the cover on and off the cushion. I like that it is made of a dozen lovely fabrics, rather than just one. I used nearly all of the scraps I bought, with just enough left over for me to patch a rip in the couch cover.

Next project:  homemade wool diaper covers. The washboard works well enough for hand washing covers, but with a new baby coming, I would prefer some kind of a cover that could go through the HE washer, and it seems that an additional technological step backward might be helpful. I have enough wool yarn and old sweaters to get started, and I have made and used wool covers before. This time I will be rethinking the cover design, as there were several design issues the first time around that made them difficult to use.

Also, my husband happened on a motherlode of free lumber, a contractor about to move out of state, so it seems likely that there will be some woodworking projects in the near future.

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