Monday, January 12, 2015


I did a lot of little moving-preparation tasks this morning, and used up all of my ambition and energy. But I did play around with making boxes out of some large pieces of paperboard that I don't want to move.

The first idea I had was to coil a long strip into a circular box, and poke holes through it to secure it with yarn. But really I wanted a rectangular box, for more economical use of space.

A rectangular box is simple:  four sides, a bottom, and maybe a top. I cut a long strip and folded it to form the four sides, plus some overlap. I stapled this in place. Then I cut another long strip, which became another layer of a side, then the bottom, the opposite side, the top, and a flap. I stapled this in place, too, and I was done. I am leaving it plain and undecorated.

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