Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Meaningful wall art

My word for the year gave me a direction for the two art projects I had in the pipeline.

For the painted-over canvas, I played with one of The Nester's techniques: dumping paint colors on the canvas, and then swirling them around. She uses craft paints in her chosen colors, but I prefer to buy only red, yellow, blue, and white paints, and mix my own colors from those. So I dumped and mixed and covered the canvas in long, diagonal strokes. Then I started playing with elliptical swirls, which led to a simple Lissajous figure that covered most, but not all, of the diagonals. No one need be impressed by my painting technique.

But for all that messing around, the painting turned out to be much more profound than I expected. It is abstract enough that you are not going to see much more in it than what you bring within yourself, but I do see something there that really speaks to me. Not bad for a free used canvas and a little paint.

For the small photograph and frame (which was originally taken and framed by professional photographers but cost less than fifty cents at a yard sale), I discovered that the back of the photograph that I didn't like was a shade of green that I do very much like. Related to my word for the year, I had lyrics to a song that I wrote a couple years ago, about longing for my real forever home in Heaven. So I wrote the title and the lyrics in marker on the back of the photograph, and framed it. I referred to for inspiration about how to write the title. I have been craving some good typography expressed in good colors.

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