Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Slow furniture

Last year I took our beaten-up couch completely apart, and used the wood from the frame along with free pallet wood and new foam and salvage store upholstery scraps to make a new-to-us couch. I used some of the old fabric to make a slipcover for the matching armchair. This year, the armchair reached the point of no repair, and I am now in the middle of disassembling and rebuilding it. It took several hours to get all the fabric and padding off, with the help of a small but enthusiastic staple-pulling boy. It will take a couple more hours to take the frame entirely apart, with a hammer and a flat bar for prying.  I have an Arts and Crafts style armchair design in mind.

The couch and chair we bought seven years ago for $80 at the Salvation Army store, for the record. We had no way to get them both home, but providentially a guy in the parking lot with a pickup was willing to trade couch hauling for a jump start. God knows where all the resources are.

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