Monday, January 19, 2015

Save money by carefully shopping the dollar store

Mostly we avoid dollar store merchandise, but there are some things at our local Dollar Tree* that are a good value. Lady Lydia often shops the dollar store for decorative items, and she was the one who got me started again on dollar store shopping. I buy bath soap and toilet cleaner and kitchen matches there, and also some of our workbooks for homeschooling. The dollar store has many simple, basic items that I have hunted for in vain all over Target, such as nightlights. Lately I have had to buy mousetraps; the dollar store mousetraps are very fiddly to set without pinching your fingers, compared to the hardware store version, but that hair trigger makes it very difficult for a mouse to steal the bait and get away.

* No one sponsors this blog; all opinions are my own.

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